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How we help: Dat's story

It was a shock to Dat's parents when their son was born with a cleft lip and palate. Luckily, Dat's mother quickly regained her courage and was confident that she would find help for Dat. She reached out to Cleft Vietnam partner OSCA (Center for Researching and Aiding Smile Operation), and, at only seven months old, Dat's cleft lip and jaw could be surgically corrected.

OSCA's experienced surgeon Dr. Ai performed the second operation, the closure of the cleft palate, in March 2019. Dr. Ai operates in Hanoi as well as travelling to remote areas with his team to offer help for the affected children there. A particular strength of OSCA is the good networking of employees and committed individuals throughout the country, ensuring that the children receive good aftercare. In Dat, a fistula (a small residual hole in the palate) was noticed after the surgery and corrected.

Dat was very fortunate: at the age of two, his cleft lip and cleft palate had been repaired, giving him the best chance to live a normal life. An early closure of the cleft palate is crucial, since language development can otherwise be impaired.

We wish lively little Dat a happy and carefree life! Please donate, so that we can help many more children like Dat!